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Merci Cloud Computing

Boost Your Business With the Power of MERCI Cloud ERP over Web & Mobile

* Fully Customised * GST Ready * Accounting * Inventory * Payroll *


Mobile Friendly

MERCI Cloud applications are responsive and auto detect and adapt to mobile, computers, tabs or any other internet enabled devices, benefitting you computing.


Easy access over 2G/3G/4G/Broadband

Our applications are browser based and have very low payloads for your devices & are very fast on any sort of internet type or bandwidth, and on any device. 


Data Security

MERCI Cloud platform is setup over Linux OS, MySql Db Servers, & use HTTPS/SSL, auto encryption, Automated backup, SSD+NAS storage, Firewall & bare metal servers. 


Business Intelligence

MERCI Cloud applications are designed and developed with business growth, security, stability and assistance in focus. Integrated modules deliver solutions for all needs.


Latest Technology

Underlying latest technology like PHP, Jquery, MySql, Ajax delivers you top quality, fastest and reliable results. HTTPS access goes further to ensure ultimate security.


Compatible & Scalable

MERCI Cloud platform is compatible to run over Apple, Android, Windows and other OS. Applications can be scaled to adapt to virtually any size / requirements.

MERCI Cloud platform is one of the easiest, robust, scalable & user friendly ERP. It also gives you the freedom to scale up, expand & assist you in your business as and when you need.

Ready for your Business

Cloud Server Plans

Server charges are applicable from the date of order & recur annually.


INR 2000
per month, billed annually
  • Silver Cloud plan is perfect for small business or first time cloud users.

  • 500 MB Storage
    +1 Project


INR 2500 per month, billed annually
  • Gold Cloud plan is perfect for expanding business or experienced cloud users.

  • 1 GB Storage
    +1 Project


INR 3250 per month, billed annually
  • Platinum Cloud plan is perfect for expanding businesses with Mobile App hosting needs, Image Storages, Auto Backup needs.
  • 2 GB Storage
    +1 Project
    +Mobile App Hosting
    +Image Storage
    +Auto Backup


INR 4000 per month billed annually
  • Diamond Cloud plan is perfect for businesses with full scalled up requirements unleashing the true power of cloud
  • 10 GB Storage
    +Unltd Projects
    +Mobile App Hosting
    +Image Storage
    +Auto Backup
    +Website Hosting
    +FTP, DB

Take your business to new heights!
MERCI Cloud applications enable you to manage your business easily by removing the hurdles of multi-branch/location computing. Our online servers cut down your infrastructure management costs, maintenance and other costs and strimelines your data live and online. MERCI Cloud is one of the easiest and fastest ERP available to help you grow your business.


Standard Products & Prices

Product charges are applicable only once. Annual maintenance charges apply after first year @10% of s/w order value.

Cloth Trading

INR 110,000
  • Standard Edition
  • 12 Concurrent Devices
  • Grey Order, Purchase, Returns
    Mill Iss, Rec, Ret.
    Job Issues, Rec, Ret.
    Finish Pur.Order, Pur Invoice, Returns
    Sales Order, Challan, Invoice, Returns
  • Included A/c,Tds,Gst.
  • + Mobile App:
    Grey Order: 15000
    Sales Order: 15000
    Local Delivery: 15000
    Mill Taka Rec: 18000


INR 110,000
  • Standard Edition
  • 12 Concurrent Devices
  • Job.Order
    Job Invoice
    General Purchase (Without Stock Mng)
  • Included A/c,Tds,Gst.
  • +:Attendance:45,000

Knitting (Circular / Raschel)

INR 130,000
  • Standard Edition
  • 12 Concurrent Devices
  • Yarn P.O., Invoice, Returns, Warp Issue, Sales, Sales Return.
    Beam Production, Wastage, Beam Issue.
    Grey Production, Gatepass, Wastages.
    Sales Order, Invoice, Returns.
  • Included A/c,Tds,Gst.

Dyeing & Printing House

INR 200,000
  • Standard Edition
  • 12 Concurrent Devices
  • Grey Inwards
    Issue to Mill 
    Despatch / Challan 
    Invoice/GP Generation 
    General Purchase (Without Stock Mng) 
  • Included A/c,Tds,Gst.
  • +: Attendance : 45,000
    +: MillginStores:45000 
    +: Color Stores : 45000


INR 225,000
  • Standard Edition
  • 12 Concurrent Devices
  • Material P.O., Purchase, Returns.
    Stores Management (Inwards, Bar-Coding, Requisition, Issues, Receipts, Repairs, Warranty Management)
  • Project Level Materials Issues, Cost Sheet Per Floor, Zone & Shop,
  • Project Development Phase management, Time Planning, Material Planning & Construction Management
  • Included A/c,Tds,Gst.

Power / Rapier / Waterjet Looms

INR 150,000
  • Basic Edition
  • 12 Concurrent Devices
  • Pur. Order, Challan, Invoice, Returns
  • Sales Order, Challan, Invoice, Returns
  • Production: Taka Prod, Beam Card, Warp Issue-Rec, Weft Issue-Rec, Wastages.
  • Injob: Rec-Issues, Returns, Invoice
  • Outjob: Issues-Receipts, Iss-Ret, Rec-Ret, Invoice.
  • Included A/c,Tds,Gst., Payroll, Millgin Stores.

Texturising / Metallic Yarn Mfg.

INR 110,000
  • Basic Edition
  • 12 Concurrent Devices
  • Purchase Order
    Purchase Challan
    Purchase Invoice, Returns.
  • Production:
    Yarn Issue.
    Wastage Mgmt.
  • Sales order
    Sales Challan
    Sales Invoice, Returns
  • Included A/c,Tds,Gst., 
    Stock Management.
  • Extras:

Poly Bags

INR 120,000
  • Basic Edition
  • 12 Concurrent Devices
  • Purchase Order
    Purchase Invoice, Returns.
  • Production:
    Tape Production
    Roll Cutting
    Tape Logsheet
    Looms Production
    Sales Order, Despatch Note, Challan, Invoice, Returns.
    Fabric Testing.
  • Included A/c,Tds,Gst., 
  • Extras:

Extra / Add-on Modules

Task Management

INR 45,000
  • 10 Users
  • Creation / Assignment.
    Monitoring  Tracking.
    Sms, Email
  • Android Application.
    Desktop Modules.
  • INR 1500/-Per User Ex.

Attendance / Payroll

INR 45,000
  • Standard Edition
  • *Import Csv / Xls Data.
    *Auto/Manual Marking.
    *Compute Salary Slip, Payroll, Cheque etc..
  • ESI, EPF, as per norms.
  • Linked with Accounts.
    Manage Photographs

Stores Management

INR 60,000
  • B asic Edition
  • P.O.Generation, Email.
    Requisition Slip, Issues, Receipts, Repairs, Warranty, Costing,
  • Stock Management.
  • Ex.Chg: QR Code items.
    Link Weiging Scales.

Project Management

INR 60,000
  • Standard Edition
  • Project / Plan Creation
    Team Assignment
    Deadline Settings
    Progress Marking
  • Status Tracking
  • Benchmarking & Performance Analysis

Finance & Accounting

INR 50,000
  • Complete Accounting
    Journal, Bank, Cash, Debit Notes, Credit Notes, General Expenses, GST, TDS Management.
  • Ledgers, Annexures, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Trading & Profit & Loss A/c, GST Reports, TDS Reports. Integrated O/s Reports

Business Analytics

INR 75,000
  • Standard Edition
  • Automatic Analytics from data. Graphs, Piecharts, Widgets, Performance Indecators, Benchmarking, KPIs, Budgeting, Auto Refresh on intervals.
  • Push Widgets to user groups.

Task / Report Scheduler

INR 75,000
  • Standard Edition
  • Schedule any task of your choice as per your own need. Set as per desired repetitive tasks, non-repetitive tasks, Alerts, etc. Schedule Reports to yourself or employees.
  • Customizable on demand as per requirements.

Track & Manage your Business Online.
Anytime. Anywhere.

MERCI Cloud Enterprise platform provide you realtime analytics and visuals for various parts of business and benchmarks.

Sales Target

Inventory Level

Avg. Order Level

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